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● ---   E-Mail. Homepage. 03:26 / Thu.03.07   [Res!]
why do you not post anymore?
● Tomasz   E-Mail. Homepage. 20:02 / Tue.02.05.2019   [Res!]
This site was one of my inspiration to come to Japan, now I am there for the second time. Best regards
● Brian Liu   01:28 / Tue.10.30.2018   [Res!]
nice photos too bad u dont post anymore lol :(
● Choose Art   E-Mail. Homepage. 11:43 / Mon.08.27.2018   [Res!]
Natsumi Hayashi様 


今回は弊社で運営しているChoose Artというオンラインショップ( (Click!) )の件で〇〇様の作品をもっと世に広められるご協力させていただけることがあるのではないかと思いご連絡させていただきました。

Choose Artとは弊社で運営しております、「暮らしの中に芸術を。アートを着るが応援になる。」をコンセプトに、参加費無料で皆様の作品そのものを販売し、その作品の写真をTシャツにして、合わせて販売していくというものです。





東京都港区西新橋1-5-12 佐野ビル6F
TEL :03-6550-8005
e-mail : ogihara@22art.net
URL :  (Click!) 
● Andy   06:44 / Fri.06.01.2018   [Res!]
I saw your photos some years ago when they were on some news site. Then I thought about them again today and checked to see if they are still here and they are. I'm happy about this. Thank you for your work.
● Stephen Fothergill   E-Mail. Homepage. 06:09 / Thu.04.12.2018   [Res!]
Hi Natsumi,
I'm so deeply impressed by your work, that I had to write to tell you that.
Best wishes,
Stephen Fothergill
● Tom   E-Mail. 12:37 / Wed.01.03.2018   [Res!]
This is Tom from Munich, Germany,
I do too think your pictures are the best levitating pictures I've seen so far. Please alow me to aske a couple of questions. A lot of levetating shots are taken to carry the person in the picture with a chair, ladder, etc. As I understand your pictures are only by jumping of something, you do not use chair / ladder support, right? And second, if you jump, why are your hair and dresses so perfect? I would be happy if you reveal this secret to me.

Thank you,
● Karoline   E-Mail. 01:33 / Fri.10.13.2017   [Res!]
Hi, I really love your blog, he's super creative and diverse, well I'd like to say that you got a brazilian fan haha
● Christian Hunter   E-Mail. Homepage. 11:16 / Tue.09.12.2017   [Res!]
Ms. Hayashi,

A brief note to commend and congratulate you on the beautiful art you've created. I don't know if you're the first to originate this concept, but I've seen other similarly-themed work, and yours is certainly the best.

I've done more than my fair share in my life (some of which I'm even proud of), but never before has an accomplishment of mine even approached the level originality, much less the striking beauty, you're so consistently able to create. I can't imagine what that must be like, but would think it a great feeling.

And that'd be my wish for you, a hope that this work contributes to your own happiness, every day, as it should. As well a hope that when you're tired and beaten down by life, you're able to quickly recover, aided by the knowledge that you've created something compelling and important; something that stirs emotion, informs wonderment, and raises happiness in so many people you'll never even meet.

Thank you.

Christian Hunter
Austin, Texas
● 小林美咲   E-Mail. Homepage. 12:05 / Wed.07.26.2017   [Res!]
こんにちは、K&F Concept(カメラアクセサリーのメーカー)の小林美咲と申します。弊社のメイン商品についての機材レビューを書いていただきたいです。ご興味がありましたら、ご返事ください、詳しくご検討させていただきます。心よりご幸福をお祈りします。よろしくお願いいたします。 (写真面白いですね!)