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● Angelica   E-Mail. 14:50 / Mon.05.29.2017   [Res!]
Dear Ms. Hayashi,

I'm Angelica from the Philippines. I first saw your work on the cover of "Strange Weather In Tokyo" by Hiromi Kawakami, and I decided to check out your website. I find your photos very striking and relaxing at the same time, and I enjoy looking at them when I am stressed out from work. Thank you for sharing your photos and keep it up!

Best regards,
● Roman   22:29 / Mon.03.20.2017   [Res!]
Best regards from Russia.
Your photos are very interesting indeed.
● gharbi elyes   E-Mail. 03:42 / Tue.03.07.2017   [Res!]
thank you i floated with you, by the way im journalist and im the ceo of the national television in tunisia, you are just great.
● Micah Febin   E-Mail. 00:50 / Thu.01.05.2017   [Res!]
I don't know why your work has fascinated me so. Its just an interesting take on photography. I would love to see more work of yours. Please post more work ^.^ I wanna see how your imagination creates other works of art. Life can get busy, I know :D, but if even in your spare time, if you are able to post some more, that would be awesome. I'd be happy to donate too. ^.^ I always find myself coming back to your blog anyways.
Thanks again cheers! <3 <3 xoxo
● &◆eoXuBXLUSo   E-Mail. Homepage. 12:01 / Thu.11.17.2016   [Res!]
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급하게 쓰고 싶은마음에... 양해부탁드립니다.!
우연히 Facebook 에서 하야시 나츠미님의사진을보게되었습니다.
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항상사진저장해놓고 자주보고있어요! 완전팬입니다.. 메일로 답장기다릴께요!
● Vania Filippou   E-Mail. 09:06 / Sat.09.17.2016   [Res!]
Dear Ms. Hayashi,
Hi, I'm Vania and I am student from Cyprus. I really loved your work and because I am working on my A level Art and Photography, I chose you to be my main photographer of my A2 sketchbook. You really inspired me with your levitating shots! It would be amazing if I could be possible to discuss with you about your work. I will excitedly wait for your response (mail). Thanks for the time :) Continue this great work.
Best Regards,
● Marielle   E-Mail. 00:08 / Tue.07.12.2016   [Res!]
I really like all your photos, especially those levitating shots! I could really feel the emotion being brought up to by each of your shots. Thank you for sharing this to us. May you continue to create and inspire people with your works. Hoping to be able to visit your country soon.
● Edward Torres   E-Mail. 23:39 / Fri.07.08.2016   [Res!]
Hola niña linda! Estoy fascinado con tu trabajo. Soy un fotógrafo que apenas esta en el inicio de este mundo artístico y quedé admirado con tu trabajo me gustaría llegar a ese nivel. Mucho éxito y mil bendiciones desde Venezuela. Gracias por compartir tu mundo.
● Shally Chou   E-Mail. Homepage. 13:53 / Fri.05.27.2016   [Res!]
Dear Ms. Hayashi,

This is Shally, Editor in Chief of ART HONGKONG magazine, a bimonthly and bilingual (English and traditional Chinese) art magazine focused on contemporary visual arts and distributed mainly in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

I really like your levitating self-portraits and would like to introduce you and your works to our readers for the upcoming issue of ART HONGKONG magazine. I am writing to ask whether you are interested in taking an interview with us. For the upcoming July, ART HONGKONG magazine will organize an artistic trip of ART HONGKONG Art Delegation (consists of artists, collectors and designers from Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China) to Japan for an in-depth visit and study. We will stay at Japan for around ten days. I hope we can meet and have the interview during our stay in Japan. Please kindly give your advice. I am looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,
Shally Chou
● Martha Grande   E-Mail. Homepage. 10:32 / Thu.04.28.2016   [Res!]
I liked your photos a lot!
I think they capture your escence and a calm and peaceful japanese aura.
It's difficult to get the poses right and to get them that natural look. That's why I really like your photos.
Please keep up the good work!